Show Description: Bulletproof ice, loads of snow and extended lengths of sub-zero temps: the winter of 2016-17 was a landscape photographer’s dream. Missoula on Ice features twelve large-format fine art canvas and metal photographic prints from a historic winter in The Garden City.

With the guiding principle of ‘what makes today different from any other day’, I set out to find the places and moments that illustrated the serene severity of the winter of 2016-17. Tiptoeing on the Clark Fork River’s Ice, trudging through waist-deep snow on the north face of Mount Sentinel, performing jumping jacks along Rattlesnake Creek to stay warm, the photoshoots were always small packages of adventure. A true joy.

Showing April/May 2017 at The Public House in Missoula. Private gallery showings available upon request.
Mount Sentinel on IceRattlesnake Creek Spotlight (SOLD)Mount Jumbo on IceWaterworks Hill Fenceline (SOLD)Clark Fork FloeBrennan's Wave IciclesRattlesnake Creek on IceStuart Peak - Room with a ViewSpotlight on the FarviewsMain Hall ReflectionClark Fork River SunsetClark Fork FissureLolo Peak Sunset