My first love - after my spouse, of course - is the landscape. My second love is photography. I derive great joy from getting to intimately understand a place: its light, seasons, topography, flora and fauna. As a medium, photography promotes seeing, really seeing, the interplay of those factors.

My guiding principle is 'what makes today different from any other day?' With that question, I do my best to make strong photographic decisions about where and what to shoot. How is the light interacting with fall colors? What atmospheric conditions complement the feeling of spring wildflower blooms? What frozen/snow texture balances well with the semi-frozen creek? These are the types of questions that I love to explore! Each photographic outing affords an opportunity to practice, implement and evolve this practice. Every day is a new opportunity to better understand and photograph the landscape.

In August of 2020, my wife and I moved into a van - how very millennial of us! - and began a two year road-trip around the country. Personally, for me, the goal of the trip is to shake up my understanding and expectations of the country and the landscape, and lean into the challenge of growing as a landscape photographer. Check out my Facebook page and Instagram pages (linked above) for the most recent updates. I will be uploading new galleries as I catch up with processing on a specific regions. 


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