Frequently Asked Questions



I can't find an image I saw on social media on your website. Where is it?

I do my best to update my galleries at least one a month. It is likely that I simply haven't updated my website with the image yet. Stay tuned!

What are the image codes all about?

I recently added a short code to the title of each image in the galleries. These codes are to aid in the print ordering process. Each image has been assigned a unique code to assist in the ordering process.



Where's the shopping cart? In an effort to keep print prices low and reduce overhead costs, we use a Google form for order placement, eliminating the need for an e-commerce intermediary. Upon submitting the order form, you will receive a secure e-invoice from PayPal where you can pay with credit/debit card, cash or check.

What if the image I am ordering does not conform to the standard sizes listed on the print form?

Print pricing is based on total square inches. Unique aspect ratios are printed at the closest square inches (sq. in.) to the size ordered. For example, an image that has a 1:2 aspect ratio ordered as a 16x24 (384 sq. in.) would be printed as a 14x28 (392 sq. in.) to retain the original crop. If you are looking for a specific custom size, let me know!

What are the print surfaces like? Each print surface has been selected because of its respective display qualities - vivid/vibrant appearance and longevity - for landscape images.

  • Elite Metal Print | Metal prints resolve deep shadows and crisp display of fine details with a modern finish. They have a semi-gloss finish, allowing for vibrant display with minimal reflections. The prints include built-in hanging hardware that allows the print to standoff 3/4" from the wall. 
  • Gallery Wrap Canvas The gallery wrap features a 1.5" deep artist grade canvas with a finished back and built in hanging hardware. The gallery wrap canvas has a semi-glass finish that brings colors to life while minimizing glare off of the surface. 
  • Velvet Matte Print These prints offer a velvety matte finish, perfect for framing. The highly detailed surface provides deep shadow detail with no reflections off the print surface. Velvet matte prints are mounted onto a rigid gatorboard surface. The prints can be framed or displayed as is. 

Are the prints signed?

Yes! All prints are signed using a digital signing technique.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE for all print styles and sizes!

What is the turnaround time on prints?

The standard turnaround time from payment until arriving at your doorstep is 7-12 days. All prints are made-to-order and digitally signed. Expedited printing/shipping can be carried out for an additional fee. 

What if my print is damaged during shipping?

All prints are professionally packaged at the printer. That being said, damage can happen while in transit. If your packaging is noticeably damaged upon arrival and the print is damaged, please send me a photo or two, along with a brief description of the damage with 24-48 hours. Your print will be replaced at no cost!

What if a print develops a problem over time?

All prints are produced with professional construction. However, sometimes and on rare occasions, a print may develop a flaw. If this occurs, shoot me a message ASAP along with a photo or two of the issue. I'll see to having it fixed or replaced. 



Do you offer image licensing for digital and/or print use?

Yes! Most images are available for digital and/or print licensing. I offer 1, 2, 5 and unlimited length licenses. License costs are calculated based on estimated audience size, length of use and type of usage. Shoot me a message if you are interested in licensing an image.

Do you offer large and/or custom prints for businesses?

Yes! I absolutely love helping businesses find the perfect prints for their space. Commercial volume discounts are available for businesses. Shoot me a message to schedule a FREE image consultation. 

Can we share your images on social media?

Per social media guidelines, you are welcome to share or repost an image on Facebook or Instagram with the understanding that you properly attribute the image (tagging) using the sharing functions built into the platforms.