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Landscape Photography Workshops

Wildflower Photography Workshop | Missoula-based workshop (May 4th, 7th, 11th, 2022 - FULL)

Capture the beauty of Missoula during the height of wildflower season in this three part landscape photography course. Designed for beginner through advanced photographers, the course will walk through the workflow of capturing creative wildflower images. The first session will focus on how to prepare for the fieldwork. We will review equipment and camera settings best suited for wildflower photography. The second session will take place in the field, focusing on composition and techniques for achieving desired photographic outcomes. We will come back together in the third session to process and share our images. The cost? $69. 



Straight Creek Loop | 4-day Backpacking Photography Workshop (July 29-August 1, 2022)

Experience the ecological and geographical splendor of the Great Burn Recommended Wilderness through your camera lens. This landscape photography workshop in the Great Burn includes stunning waterfalls, sub alpine lakes and wildflowers and an old growth cedar stand. This four day back country photography workshop will cover the essential technical skills of landscape photography along with the ecological, conservation and aesthetic aspects of wilderness photography.

Backpacking distances will range from 6 to 7 mile days (750 feet of ascent) with a strenuous 3 to 4 mile day (1,800 feet of ascent) into the subalpine. This trip is rated as strenuous in difficulty. The cost? FREE! ($50 refundable deposit)



Bonanza Lakes | 3-day Backpacking Photography Workshop (August 19-21, 2022)

This landscape photography workshop in the String of Pearls is a basecamp style backpacking trip to Bonanza Lakes. From our base camp at the lakes, we will make short forays around the basin to photograph the splendor of the subalpine environment. This three-day backcountry photography workshop will cover basic landscape photography, conservation background and backpacking skills.

Backpacking distance is 2.5 miles to camp. This trip is rated as moderate in difficulty. The cost? FREE! ($50 refundable deposit)



Private Workshops

Offering personalized one-on-one and small group landscape photography instruction sessions for beginning to advanced photographers. All sessions are 1-hour and field-based in the Missoula area.

  • Landscape Photography 101: Introduction to exposure-setting (exposure triangle); basic camera tutorial; introduction to composition techniques
  • Landscape Photography 201: Advanced exposure-settings (shooting for post-processing); advanced camera settings; advanced composition techniques; introduction to High-Dynamic Range shooting

Rates: $50/hour and/or $130/3 hours (Recommended 3 - 1-hour sessions)

Example instruction sequence for '101':

Session 1

  • Review of exposure fundamentals (aperture, ISO and shutter speed) and how to effectively use the 'exposure triangle' to create strong landscape images
  • Overview of basic camera functions: focus controls, metering modes, shooting modes and menus
  • Managing the camera as an imaging tool

Session 2

  • Overview of composition techniques for landscape photography: angles, rule-of-thirds, lines, focus and foreground/mid-ground/background
  • Shooting practice employing composition techniques in concert with exposure fundamentals

Session 3

  • Post-processing workflow; or
  • Additional shooting and fieldwork 

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