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Mount Jumbo Magic | MSLA124North Hills Spring | MSLA3Spring Light in Missoula | MSLA10First Game of the Season | MSLA4Fall Sunset Over Missoula | MSLA2Edge of The Garden City | MSLA125Backyard Wilderness | MSLA33Ch-paa-qn Sunset | MSLA200Cool Fall Day  | MSLA5Fall on The Oval | MSLA6First Snow - Rattlesnake Wilderness | MSLA32Sunset at Brennan's Wave  | MSLA7Double Rainbow over Downtown Missoula | MSLA1Crimson Light on Stuart Peak  | MSLA8Cool Light on Stuart Peak | MSLA9Fourth of July at Brennan's Wave | MSLA121Mineral Peak and the Swan Range  | RW1Entrance to Hellgate | MSLA11Last Light on Stuart Peak | MSLA12Trail to the Sky | MSLA114