Winter in Hellgate Canyon | MSLA175Winter in Hellgate Canyon | MSLA175


Welcome to the new, experimental, trade-for-prints program! The goal is to match our respective wants: you want a print, I want, well any of the things listed below. All of these items are aimed at supporting my photography business i.e. Bernice's is my favorite place to process images, straw hat keeps me cool while shooting and any of the conveyances will improve my mobility for shoots.

Preferably, these are local exchanges to eliminate the need for shipping. All exchanges are negotiable. You choose the image.

Current Proposed Trades:

  • $20 Bernice's Bakery Gift Card = 8.5"x11" signed platinum print
  • Large Frame Commuter Bike (well-loved) = 20"x30" framed canvas print
  • Canon R5 (used) = 32"x48" framed metal print
  • Cheap Commuter Car (well-loved) = 40"x60" framed metal print
  • 1-5 acres of land abutting National Forest = Let's talk

Interested? Shoot me a line and tell me what you got!